Get Food

Are you in need of food? Near campus? You’re in the right place!

Smokey’s Pantry focuses on providing a substantial supplement to the food needs of the campus community (which we define as being all students, faculty, staff, and people who live, stay, or work near the university).

We are open every Tuesday from 4-6pm, but can also make special appointments with guests who can’t make it during this time. We are located at 824 Melrose Place.

Check out our FAQ for more information.

Smokey’s Pantry Guest FAQ

  1. Who can pick up food?
    Everyone is welcome to come by Smokey’s to pick up food! Smokey’s Pantry focuses on the all students, faculty, staff, and neighbors of the University of Tennessee, but we are certainly not limited to only serving these groups.
  2. What do I need to bring?
    The only thing we need for you to receive food is the size of your household, a phone number you can be reached at, and address you receive mail at. We will only use the phone number and address in case of a food recall, and will never give it away.
    We do encourage use of reusable grocery bags! If you have them, please bring them.
  3. When can I pick up food?
    Smokey’s Pantry is open every Tuesday from 4pm to 6pm. This is the best time to pick up food, and when we’re most likely to have produce, meet, yogurt, etc. If this time doesn’t work for you, email us at to set up a different time.
  4. Where can I pick up food?
    Smokey’s Pantry operates out of Tyson House, the Lutheran and Episcopalian Campus Ministry at UT, located at 824 Melrose Place. The entrance to Smokey’s Pantry is the door furthest to the right and at the end of Lake Avenue.
    We are one of many FISH Hospitality Pantries around Knoxville. For more locations, visit the FISH website.
  5. How often can I pick up food?
    We do not keep track of how often individuals visit the pantry, and we have no limit on the number of visits you can make to the pantry.